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Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant owners are another class of business owners who put everything on the line every day. Not only do you have a building, business personal property (both for the kitchen and the dining area); Not only are you responsible for all of your employees' safety and training; you are also responsible for all of the food that your establishment serves. And if your restaurant serves liquor, you have added legal responsibilities.
The only way a restaurant owner can sleep at night is if they make sure that the multitude of restaurant insurance exposures are insured correctly.

If you own a building, have upgraded your space (improvements and betterments) have a detached sign, etc., business insurance protects your investment in the event of fire, windstorm, lightning, hail, vandalism, etc.

Business Personal Property 
For restaurant insurance purposes, the value of all restaurant equipment like walk-in freezers, ANSUL systems, exhaust systems, decorations, food inventory, point-of-sale equipment, and other misc inventory must be estimated.

General Liability
Restaurant general liability insurance protects your business against claims alleging that you caused property damage or bodily injury. Liquor liability protects your business against damages in the event an intoxicated patron injures themselves or others

Business Interruption
This restaurant insurance coverage, also known as Business Income Insurance, covers the loss of income that is suffered if there is a disaster and your facility has to be relocated or rebuilt. Your income stops until you are back up and running, but your expenses won’t! You also need to keep paying those key employees so that they'll be available when you need them.

Workers Compensation
Mandatory in most states, workers comp provides payments to employees who suffer a work-related injury or occupational illness while Employers Liability protects a business against lawsuits due to employment related injuries or illness

Restaurant building

Restaurant Inventory

Liquor Liability

Business Interruption

Workers Comp Claims
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